We are Gloss Brow Bar and this...is our story

Since 1997.. All these years of experience gathered in one concept... the Gloss Brow Bar.

The story behind the Brand !

In 1997, the company Gloss nail and make up bar (current name Gloss Beauty Lounge), was created in Heraklion, Crete and was one of the first companies to make their appearance nationwide, offering among other, services focused on eyebrows , eyelashes and facial hair removal with thread.   

The creators and inspirers of the company, Sofia Vasilaki and Maro Vrisimitzaki, and then their children, the new management team of Gloss nail and make up bar, seeing a step forward for the then era in the world of beauty, created Gloss having a vision. This vision was about the existence of a beauty salon that would be able to offer without the need of an appointment, (walk-in) beauty services whose dynamics and evolution until then were largely unknown to the general public , as they had not yet emerged in the market. Such services were the services of eyebrows, eyelashes and facial hair removal with the thread technique. Today, Gloss, has managed with unlimited devotion, love and continuous training, to be considered as one of the most specialized and pioneering centers of aesthetics and beauty in the services it offers. 

The creation of Gloss Brow Bar and the collaboration with Hondos Center !

Gloss nail and make up bar, having a Brow Bar with a great recognition in the fields of eyebrows, eyelashes and facial hair removal, decided that the time had come to expand its activities in other cities and areas of Greece. That was the first spark that led to the creation of the Gloss Brow Bar.

The concept of Gloss Brow Bar was designed on two axes. The first one was the creation of a miniature of the brow bar located in the Heraklion store. That Brow Bar would include the services that enstablished Gloss in the market all these years, as well as the experience and the know-how that had been acquired throughout these years. The second axis was based on the need to place the brow bar in an area that could be accesible by a wide range of consumers. By doing that it could be possible to communicate to more consumers the expertise Gloss had in these beauty services, as well as their ability to contribute catalytically to our external appearance if executed correctly and professionally. 


Gloss Brow Bar Today !

With these two axes as guidelines, and communicating its vision, philosophy and values ​​to the owners of Ηondos Center, the Gloss Brow Bar has managed to pique the interest of the renowned Hondos Center department stores. So in 2017 Gloss started a unique journey with the creation of the first Brow Bar within the Hondos Center of Apollonia Politeia. Today, Gloss Brow Bar operates 4 brow bars within the Hondos Center in Athens and Thessaloniki, making its vision real - To highlight the most beautiful side of yourselves by offering specialized eyebrow, eyelash and facial hair removal services at affordable prices, designed for the general consumer public.