For eyelashes that stand out and looks that .. magnetize !!

Offer yourself an impressive and irresistible look in express time. This treatment is designed for placing the extension eyelashes on the top of your natural ones, within 50-60 minutes of total time. Save valuable time from your daily routine and offer yourself a natural result of long, thick and attractive lashes, ideal for any time of the day.

Extension lashes

Lash lift (LVL)

The lash lift is considered as one of the biggest trends in the treatments of this sector and is suitable for all types of natural lashes, even to those that consist of very short length and high descent. It provides enhancement of your natural length, volume and curvature, while it also functions as an empowerment treatment, as it contains nutrients. Get long and curved natural lashes with lash lift straightening treatment.

It is an ideal solution for those who have either light colored eyelashes or light colored lash ends. In these cases, it emphasizes the color of the natural lashes and reveals their true length, thus offering a more attractive result. For this reason this service is also very favorable to those who do not belong to any of the above cases.

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Lash tinting